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Generator Engine Control Module

Generator Engine Control Module

To increase efficiency and convenicency, SAS Movie Studio and Rentals has the utilities for any generator operation during production. With the new controller to monitor generator specifications, you will know in detail how your generator is operating at any time!


  • This series controller is specialized for Diesel / Gasoline / Gas Genset Start/Stop, Parameters monitoring, faults-checking as well as data setting. 4.3 inch colorful LCD screen display with brand new UI design is adapted in this controller that the relative failures can be displayed directly. All the parameters can be displayed by simulated indicators and words.Besides, LCD screen can display various faults in the same time that the genset will be stopped once it can not work smoothly.
  • Parameters Display: Engine RPM; Engine oil pressure; Engine water temperature; Engine fuel temperature; Engine cylinder temperature; Engine Tank temperature; Engine fuel level; Engine battery voltage; charging voltage; Mains Frequency (only for DC72D); Mains phase voltage L-N(only for DC72D); Mains phase voltage L-L(only for DC72D) Generator 3 Phase voltage L-N; Generator 3 Phase voltage L-L; Generator 3 phase current A; Generator Frequency Hz; Generator Power Factor COSφ
  • Parameters Display: Generator active power KW; Generator apparent power KVA; Generator reactive power KVar; Current loading rate %; Total average loading rate %; Current consumption KWH; Total consumption Kwh; Total Crank times; Current running time; Total running time; Three classes maintenance notice
  • Protection: Over/under speed; Low oil pressure ; High water temperature; High Oil temperature ; High Cylinder Temperature; High Tank temperature; Low fuel level; Low oil level; External emergency alarm; D+ Opened; RPM Lost; Sensor Open; Over/Under Frequency; Over/Uner voltage; over current; Non-balance of current; Over power; Lack of Phase; reverse phase sequence; Gen load/unload failure; Mains Load/unload failure; Primary/Secondary/Third maintenance expire; ECU alarm failure; ECU communicat
  • Protection: Low water level alarm; Emergency Stop; Crank failure; Over/under battery voltage; Charging failure ; Battery Charging failure; Stop Failure & There are Chinese/English interface options, more language can be set according to user’s request. All the parameters can be configured through the front face buttons or use programmable interface by RS485 or USB to adjust via PC.It can be widely applied for all kinds of auto control system of gensets


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