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  • What is an environmental fee?
    Enviromental Fees Come with rentals they are a small fee (Normally 5-10 dollars) that is attached to equipment that is not housed in the correct enviroment they need to be hosted in. (EXAMPLE: Using a indoor scissor lift outdoor has wear on the tires it may not have indoor)
  • Delivery fees and how they work.
    In Los Angeles We Charge $100 Drop Off And $100 Dollar Pickup Fee's (When in a timeframe of 10am to 6pm) ( In Los Angeles) Outside Timeframe: $30 A Hour Before Or After Set Time Outside Los Angeles: TBD Based On City And Time Of Delivery Or Pickup
  • How do cleaning fees work?
    Depending on the size of the equipment our team does deep cleaning and safety checks on our equipment before and after a rental. A fee can range from $10 A Item To $500 A Item based on the size of the equipment and time required to clean the equipment to be in top shape for our next client. Please clean off the equipment as it is your own we love renting equipment to our amazing clients and want it to be clean and opperational every time with no problems.
  • What is a "Rush Fee"?"
    Rush Fee's can be anything from $25 Dollars to $500 Dollars depending on what is rushed normally if your making a request within 24 hours notice of our team we will attach a fair and understandable fee to the order. (confirmed with the client first) Our team is 24 hours but delivery windows and other situations will require a onsite rep to handle the situation were working on lowering cost but we must value our time as being a one stop shop with 20 Years of experiance and skills unmatched in any industry you will understand why were so highly rated.
  • What are your insurance policy requirements?
    There is two types of rental policys we may require. A - Production: Marine General Policy Covering 1-3 Million Dollars With SAS Rentals Additionally Insured On You're Policy. B - Personal: A COI Covering The Value Of Your Equipment Rental Normally Required On Rentals Valued $1000 Dollars And Above.
  • Extending your rental during your rental.
    We accept that things may get delayed and the rentee may want to extend. if your equipment has not been already promised and locked in with another client you may extend your rental. There is no rush fee attached to your order if its within 24 hour notice. On rentals exampled at a 3 day rental and the client needs it for the rest of the week we do not offer the client to turn that rental into a week rental with the discounted rate he or she will be required to pay the 4 days extra as single day rentals. EXAMPLE: 1930 Scissor Lift Cost $215 Dollars Daily But $900 Weekly. Rentee Ordered for 3 days he pays $645 and wants the entire week now but only wants to pay the $255 Differance. That wont work they will be required to pay the 4 days extra (Unless Executive approved)
  • Special orders or packaged deals?
    Yes! a on-site rep can make a packaged deal and lock you in with a very discounted rate on equipment we normally require the client to give us a breakdown on the project and we will meet and discuss the procedure of the events. But were willing to work with bigger productions and timely orders based on case by case basis.
  • What is the return policy?
    Our ordering system requires clients to pay for the equipment before delivery. With that in mind the client may cancel there job or be unable to perform there job because of any act of god. With that in mind here is our policy. A - (before 24 hours Of Delivery) A full refund can be processed based on that reasoning for cancelation B - (Within 24 Hours Of Delivery) A half refund will be processed as the equipment has already been pulled and set aside in a truck to be delivered to that client. C - (Post Delivery) Depending on the reason its either a 25% refund or full refund but the delivery and pickup fee will be charged regardless (the equipment was delivered and picked up)
  • Lost or stolen policy?
    In our contract it states: The equipment is the resonsablity of the rentee from point of drop off to our team picking it up falls on the client to opperate it safetly and effeciantly and to make sure the property is safe. If equipment Is Lost There is two options: A - Pay Daily Fee's Till Returned B - Buy the equipment that was lost for cost and delivery. If Equipment Is Stolen The Rentee Must: Pay the cost of buying the new equipment and delivery.
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