trucking TRANSportation

SAS Rentals brings you the fleet of trucks for your upcoming production.

3 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton, Production Trailers, Tow Trucks, Semi Trucks, etc.

We have it all for any size productions! 


3 TOn, 5 ton, 10 ton

Our truck fleets are ready-to-go at any time. Prepared with grip trucks, moving trucks, production trailers, and generator trucks, SAS has you covered with transportation for any size production!

TRACTOR-mounted generators

Tractor-mounted generators at your disposal with the power range of 800 AMP - 1600 AMP Generators ready-to-go!

G&E trucks

SAS prepares a full 5 Ton truck, full of grip equipment, drapes, HMI lights, Tungsten lights, LED lights, Kino Flo lights, Crank stands, Dollies, EZ Up Tents, and many more for conveniency, efficiency, and affordability! 

sas_trailer_towtruck right.jpg
tow trucks

For all heavy duty items in need of delivery, SAS provides a tow truck, a powerful trucking support service to deliver lifts, generators, and other items that you will need for your production.


SAS Production Trailers for On-Set Editing, multiple stations with Mac OS Operated Computers, HDTV, LED lighting spaces.

Office Trailers and Homemotors for Executives, Actors, and Crew Members with Fully Installed Bathrooms, Couches, LED Lighting, UHD TV, Bedroom, Kitchen and Fridge.