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Hand Sanitizer Stands

Hand Sanitizer Stands

Now you can both scan your body temperature and wash your hands, without any worries of infection with the new digital hand sanitizer stands at SAS Movie Studio and Rentals. This soap dispenser requires no contact, which makes it both convenient and easy. Great for production during COVID 19.

  • LARGE DIGITAL DISPLAY - You will be able to see your body temperature with the clearly visible digital LED display. It can be used both for Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • HIGH PRECISION SENSOR - It is built with high precision technology so there is no worry as to whether the reading is correct or not.
  • AUTOMATIC ALARM - When high temperatures are detected it will instantly trigger the alarm system. You will know immediately when something is wrong.
  • ENERGY SAVER - Due to its automatic wake-up system, when nobody is around it will go into sleep mode. It will wake back up again when it detects movement.
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