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Laser Light 10W

Laser Light 10W

High-Powered Output: 20,000mW in vibrant RGB colors for stunning effects.


●Waterproof Design: IP65 rating for reliable outdoor performance.

●Versatile Operation Modes: Standalone mode with sound reactivity and pre-programmed shows.

●Advanced Control Systems: ILDA and DMX compatibility with 12 or 23 DMX channels.

●Synchronization: Master/slave function for coordinated light shows.

●Durable Construction: Rugged, waterproof case for secure storage and transport.

●Extended Warranty: 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

●Custom and Wholesale Options: Tailored solutions from a professional laser lighting supplier.

●Choose us for high-quality laser lights from a trusted laser lighting manufacturer. Available for OEM, bulk, and custom orders.


**Call 949-250-9999 for pricing and availability

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