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Movie Master TechnoGen Generator

Movie Master TechnoGen Generator

SAS Movie Studio & Rentals has the Mega Silent Generators from Tecnogen Generators USA. Providing the most optimal quality generators with up to 200-600AMP of power, enough to power any size productions!


TecnoGen’s Movie Master Series generators are made for the entertainment world. This series incorporates their patented VSi technology. VSi (Variable Speed invertor) technology uses variable speed electric fans to manage the cooling for the generator instead of standard engine driven fans, which steal power from the engine and create excessive noise. Standard fans require more horsepower and consume 3 GPH more fuel than TecnoGen VSi cooled units. This technology also decreases the noise bringing the sound level to under 50 dBA.




  • Power: 160 kW
  • Length: 102"
  • Sound @ 45': 50 dBA


**For pricing and availability, please call our office.

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