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Wireless Video Transmitter

Wireless Video Transmitter

Accsoon CineEye 2 5G Wireless Video Transmitter is now available at SAS Rentals and Movie Studio! 

  • By transmitting a wi-fi signal directly to iOS or Android devices, the CineEye 2 allows the user and their crew to use the everyday devices that they already have – their phones or tablets.
  • With an average latency of under 60ms – the CineEye 2 has nearly undetectable lag while maintaining a high-quality image via its strong wireless signal.
  • The CineEye 2 lets you take control of your power situation. By transitioning to a battery cradle, you can now supply the CineEye 2 with power from any Sony-style NP battery.
  • Already boasting features such as focus peaking, zebras, false colors for exposure, and LUT overlay that Accsoon users have come to love – the CineEye 2 opens up possibilities by providing complete control over your camera.
  • The CineEye 2 only weighs 200g (.5lbs), so mounting the unit on your gimbal setup or camera rig shouldn’t affect your operation or take up much room in your bag.


**Call our office for pricing and availability

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