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Boom Lift Availability

SAS boom lift rentals has all of the latest production booms for the movie industry. SAS Rentals is always on top of the most recent, state-of-the-art production technology, so it’s only right that we have the best brands of Boom Lifts available for the use of the consumer. At the top of the Boom Lift market is JLG, which we have available for rent. We only provide the best for our customers. Both telescopic and articulating boom lifts are offered to satisfy all of your production needs, and SAS Rentals has you covered

Telescopic Versus Articulating Boom Lifts

Any type of boom lift will help make any aspect of production a lot simpler. For one, they eliminate the need for a ladder, which could become unstable and be unsafe for your crew to work with. That being said, boom lifts have a higher reach, and much more stability; and you won’t get the angles as easily as you can with a boom lift. Not even a platform can provide you with the same reach because the platforms are usually fixed to stay in one place, which makes the function of obtaining a camera shot very difficult. With a boom lift, you can get a perfect shot with ease from just about any angle; whether that be vertical, aerial, or downward, etc. Boom lifts provide stability and versatility at the same time.

If you’re working in a tighter space, then an Articulating Boom Lift is the best piece of equipment for the job. They are also the best for reaching around, which means you’ll always be able to get the shot you need. SAS Rentals wants to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need to make your production stand out.

Often times, a particular scene will call for a really high shot, one in which the viewer is meant to visualize the setting in its entirety. For those much higher shots you will most likely need a Telescopic Boom Lift. SAS Rentals offers boom lifts for any type of shot, even up to heights as tall as 180 feet! When thinking of production, or even putting together a set, boom lifts help you get those hard to reach places. This in turn, eliminates the use of accident-causing ladders which will allow majority of those lawsuits to be avoided. Here at SAS, we’ve considered all of this and we got you covered.

Other Uses

The lifts can also help with stacking, particularly the telescopic boom lift, which will quicken the process; not only saving time but money as well. They can even be used for lighting from high above, which we also provide in accordance with our wide selection of lifts. Overall, boom lifts are especially beneficial to any production, and SAS Rentals has them for you.

Ordering Process

*When you order you can specify exactly how tall you will need your boom lift to be, and we will help you discern which will most cater to your production needs. Whether it’s a telescopic or an articulating boom lift, contact us and we’ll provide you with the services you require. Whatever the length of time you need to rent and wherever the location, SAS is willing to work with you.

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