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Brand New 2022 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Now Available For Rental

At SAS, we offer equipment rental for all aspects of the film production process, including various modes of transportation that can be customized to your specific needs. Although we provide grip trucks, tow trucks, moving trucks, etc. for heavy duty use, we recognize that there may be circumstances where a more space efficient vehicle is needed depending on the production. That’s why we’ve recently added a brand new fleet of 2022 Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans into our inventory, arguably the best cargo van among its competitors such as the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster in terms of specs, storage space, payload, and overall utilization.

First, the Sprinter boasts an impressive set of connectivity components. Not only is it Bluetooth compatible and utilizes a sophisticated navigation system, but it also features a

10.3" touchscreen coupled with multiple driver assists that contribute to a quality

and user-friendly experience. However,

while comfort and convenience is important, what really sets apart the Mercedes Sprinter is its maximized utility compared to its counterparts in the industry. For one, the Mercedes Sprinter has the longest body, lowest fuel usage, and largest cargo space with its maximum interior capacity being 319 cubic feet in comparison to the Ram ProMaster’s cap at 132 cubic feet. The interior length dimensions are 102.4" (L1), 128.5" (L2), 169.3" (L3), and 185" (L4) with the width being 95.5". Not only does the Sprinter offer an incredibly large interior capacity load, but it has a high roof of 79.1" and can hold up to 3 tons of equipment and tow up to 5000 lbs, making it the cargo van with one of the highest payloads in the industry. Other highly functional aspects of the Sprinter include, but are not limited to, a hitch, backup camera, power inverter AC/DC 3000W, and more.

While the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van sits at a slightly steeper retail price compared to other cargo vans in the industry, it’s clear that this model outshines its competitors on various significant factors. Here at SAS, we believe in providing our customers with prime vehicles

and equipment in the industry, which is why we bring to you the 2022 Mercedes Sprinter cargo van at highly competitive rental prices, allowing our clients to enjoy the best of the

best without breaking the bank. We also provide optional amenities that allow clients to tailor their rental experience to fit their individual needs. Supplementary conveniences include detachable shelves, seats, ramps, lifts, etc.

Overall, our Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans are an optimal choice for

production projects that need transportation vehicles smaller than heavy duty trucks, but still require a large interior cargo capacity. We have multiple fleets and other equipment available at our various locations in Los Angeles, Kentucky, and Tennessee and rent out to productions all around the country.

Call us at 949-250-9999 for pricing and availability.

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