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Look At Me Now : Behind the Scenes

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

“Look At Me Now,” a song that charted as number six in the top ten in 2011. One of his many songs that ended up in the top ten, but also one of his most well-known. It started off the new year in 2011, coming out right at midnight on January 1st; the song itself became a turning point in his career, and if we look at Chris Brown in present time, he’s still climbing the top 100 charts with countless hits. His story as well as the progress he’s made in his career is one that has inspired many new, up and coming artists in an ever-evolving industry. SAS has everything an aspiring musician needs to take their creative vision to the next level.

"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown, Behind the Scenes

"Look At Me Now" - SAS LA Studio

The set location required for the video, the props, and the set design was exquisite. SAS Studio provided whatever was needed to make a great production. Chris Brown wanted it to have an old school 90’s rap feel, although he doesn’t really consider himself a rapper, and that’s exactly what was presented. SAS Movie Studio always delivers! The graffiti, art, and the atmosphere were all a part of the vision of what he wanted for this video, which was something he described as “abstract”.

To have this kind of effect there also needs to be different equipment present to get the angles, lighting, and sound together to get the desired aesthetic for any production. For those higher angles, one would need a boom lift, different types of lights, sound equipment and even fuel for some of the equipment. In the “Look At Me Now” music video, there was at least one telescopic boom lift, a few sky panel lights, and sound carts. Most production companies won’t consider all of these factors, but SAS Rentals has it all. Regarded as a one-stop-shop, we provide the works for: production, technical equipment as well as studios to film in. Anything an up and coming artist needs, we are able to accommodate them at SAS.

Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes

Chris Brown started topping the charts at the young age of sixteen, with his first hit single “Run It!” released in 2005, which made him the first male artist since 1997 with a debut single to hit the Billboard Top 100. So many rappers and artists are now trying to start at the same age; oftentimes even younger, and Chris Brown was a part of what started that wave. Although there’s younger artists attempting to make their break in the industry, they tend to struggle due to lack of equipment, location, or a proper team to back them up, but SAS Studio believe’s in their talent and we’re here for them.

All upcoming artists have their troubles, obstacles and inner issues to overcome; which is what makes the song “Look At Me Now” so relatable at all parts. SAS Studio is no stranger to this, from our CEO working to get this company off the ground with producing many photography campaigns and later investing in feature films. And 'Look At Us Now', we own many divisions of SAS Studio in many states and stages of development. With that being said we’re always looking to accommodate unique artists, rappers, and musicians of the like to overcome and come out on top. Chris Brown, now more than ten years later, is still releasing hits. “Look At Me Now” is what he once said through his music, and that is what SAS Studio is saying as well. Come check us out and see what SAS Studio can offer you.

For a more exclusive look at all our past and upcoming projects, check out our instagram page @sasmoviestudio to get a more behind-the-scenes scoop on everything SAS has to offer!

Original Post Date: September 15, 2020

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